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Composure: A Charging Dock for Apple Watch

by Joseph


The Apple Watch will be widely available in just a few months, so that means that other companies are already trying to capitalize on the frenzy that will almost certainly result. That includes Rest, a tech and design brand that has unveiled Composure, a charging dock specifically for the Apple Watch that, according to some, might just be cooler than the watch itself.

The coolest part of Composure is probably the MagSafe inductive charger that makes it work. As you could have probably figured out on your own, that “Mag” is short for “magnetic,” and that means (among other things) that the Apple Watch will automatically start charging once you put it anywhere near the charger.

Rest also puts a high premium on aesthetics, so the Composure Apple Watch charging dock is encased in handsome walnut and boasts a sleek and modern visual design overall. For more information, as well as to pre-order now for just under $80, head to the Composure website here.

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