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Complements: Modular, Stackable, 3D-Printed Chocolates

by Joseph


Yesterday was one of the biggest candy-eating days of the year, according to my own unscientific poll of my parents’ kitchen. But there’s still time for another candy innovation before the year ends, and it comes courtesy of Complements, in the form of 3D-printed chocolates that are designed to be modular and stackable in infinite flavor combinations.

The idea behind Complements is that you can stack two (or more, depending on the size of your mouth) flavors together to create your own combinations. Watermelon and single origin dark? Stack, chew, and enjoy. Cookies & cream, pistachio, and another cookies & cream? The power is yours.

Complements are still in a pre-availability phase, but you can head to the product’s official site right here to enter to win a box by suggesting new flavor combinations. And hopefully they will be available in time for next year’s holiday season.  Just please remember not to go overboard stacking Christmas cookies this year.

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