Home Entertainment “Come Together”: Wes Anderson Directs New H&M Holiday Ad (Video)

“Come Together”: Wes Anderson Directs New H&M Holiday Ad (Video)

by Joseph
Come Together

Come Together

Among 2016’s other affronts to human decency and kindness, we also didn’t get a Wes Anderson movie this year. But, as a small and (literally) cold comfort, we do have a new H&M holiday commercial, directed by Anderson and starring Adrien Brody. It’s called “Come Together.

Despite the Beatles allusion of the title, “Come Together” actually ends with a different John Lennon song—and shocker, it’s the Christmas one. But before we get to that point we have a good three minutes of Andersonian tracking shots, deadpan humor, and an impressive railroad conductor spiel from Brody, all set on board the “H&M Lines Winter Express.”

You can watch “Come Together,” directed by Wes Anderson and starring Adrien Brody, for yourself below. And to check out the H&M holiday 2016 collection featured in the video, just head over to your local H&M retailer or take a look at the brand’s official site right here.

Merry Christmas:



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