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ColorWare Joy Con Classic: Inspired by Original NES Controller

by Joseph
ColorWare Joy Con Classic

ColorWare Joy Con Classic

If you’re lucky and so inclined, you’re getting to play a little video games this July 4th. It’s too bad that you’re just now finding out about these cool Nintendo Switch controllers from ColorWare, inspired as they are by the original rectangles used to control the NES back in the 80s – the ColorWare Joy Con Classic.

The ColorWare Joy Con Classic fulfills all the technological functions of a Switch Joy Con controller, but with the familiar grey, red, and black from more than 30 years ago in Nintendo’s storied history. The controllers are limited edition, and the first 25 sold are individually numbered.

That might partially justify the ColorWare Joy Con Classic’s $200 price tag, especially if you’re a collector interested in classic video game accessories, or just cool stuff from ColorWare. You can place an order at the ColorWare online store right here, where you can also get a little bit more information on these limited edition controllers.

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