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ColorWare Launches Full Color Custom Apple AirPods

by Joseph
ColorWare Airpods

ColorWare Airpods

People were skeptical about them at first, but it seems like the tide of public opinion is now shifting in favor of Apple AirPods. Just one problem remains: They’re available in any color you want, just so long as it’s white. But luckily, ColorWare has now broken into the AirPod customization game and offers customers a full range of color options for the wireless earbuds.

ColorWare’s proprietary plastic X2 coating is durable as well as eye-catching, and it’s sprayed by hand onto Apple AirPods to give them the user’s desired colors. But its most important feature is that it’s available in 58 different tones, in both matte and glossy finishes—and the included AirPod charger can be customized to match as well.

You can play around with ColorWare’s Apple AirPod customization tool right here, where prices on a new pair of buds in your choice of colors starts at just under $300.  Shipping takes between 10 and 12 weeks.

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