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Colonel Sanders Returns Played by Darrell Hammond (Video)

by Joseph
Colonel Sanders

Colonel Sanders

I read an article recently about how every American president has inspired a slew of pop culture heroes in his own image – the JFK era gave us suave James Bond, Ronald Reagan gave us hyper-artificial Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, etc. I bring up this theory because another great American hero has made his triumphant return, and he’s a lot like Bill Clinton. I’m talking about Colonel Sanders, now played by Saturday Night Live alum Darrell Hammond.

Apparently, KFC has had a rough few years, with the number of KFC locations steadily dwindling since 2004. And to try to pump some new grease back into the brand, they’re launching a new advertising campaign with an irreverent take on their famous spokesman and founder Colonel Sanders, who is played by Darrell Hammond – he even gets a signature laugh, which I’m sure KFC hopes will take off in dorm rooms and office parties throughout the nation.

You can watch the new Colonel Sanders debut, The State of Kentucky Fried Chicken Address, below. And you can check out the official KFC (which is apparently going by “Kentucky Fried Chicken” again now) site here.

Here’s the video:


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