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Colonel Sanders Floatie from KFC

by Joseph
Colonel Sanders Floatie

Colonel Sanders Floatie

Summer and fried chicken, they go together like … well, they go together better than Colonel Sanders and pool accessories, I know that. But that hasn’t stopped the folks at KFC from coming up with an official Colonel Sanders Floatie that will make you feel like you’re floating in the pool on top of the actual Colonel Sanders.

And for some strange reason, KFC isn’t selling the Colonel Sanders Floatie, but instead making it the prize of a sweepstakes that’s happening now:

“The best things in life are free. Like air, which you can use to fill this Colonel Sanders Floatie, which could also be yours for free.”

As they say, you can enter to win a Colonel Sanders Floatie (for free) right here. And if you find yourself lounging in a pool and eating a chicken leg at the same time, congrats, you’ve unlocked a level of summer pleasure most of us will never even dream of.

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