Home Entertainment ‘Collide’: Autobahn Thriller Gets Trailer (Video)

‘Collide’: Autobahn Thriller Gets Trailer (Video)

by Joseph


The Autobahn in Munich is world-famous for its lack of speed limits, but for some reason it’s taken until now for a mainstream movie to realize its potential for a high-speed suspense scenario. It’s called Collide, and a trailer for the movie has recently made its way to the information superhighway.

Collide stars former war boy Nicholas Hoult as a former career criminal who gets back into the heist game after his girlfriend discovers she needs a very expensive operation to stay alive. His job takes him to the Autobahn among other places, guns are fired, cars flip, Anthony Hopkins and Ben Kingsley chew scenery, etc.

You probably already know if you want to see this movie or not, but you can watch the trailer for Collide below. The movie has actually already come out in Germany, but North American audiences will have to wait until August 19th, 2016 to see it in a theater.

Here’s the trailer:

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