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Collapsible Beer Glass: Never Go Out Without Your Glasses

by Joseph
Collapsible Beer Glass

Collapsible Beer Glass

How’s this for a nightmare scenario: You’re out there in the desert, having been separated from your group, dying of thirst, and you come across a lone keg in the wilderness. It’s ice cold, and you could use a beer, but whoever installed this keg from Heaven forgot to put some cups nearby. Now, if you don’t own at least one Collapsible Beer Glass from Cool Material that you carry around wherever you go, you die of thirst or risk getting your hands all sticky.

Luckily, you can own a Collapsible Beer Glass.  Each one expands from a pocket-sized gadget to a glass that can hold as much as 13 and a half fluid ounces of that precious nectar (and, presumably, other liquids as well). And they even come with their own built-in coasters/balancing platforms on the bottom.

If you’re planning on doing some adventuring in beer-heavy terrain this summer, head over to the Cool Material online store here and grab yourself a Collapsible Beer Glass for $13.95. Then, just wait and let the beer come to you.

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