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Colette Fidget Spinners, Some Inspired by Marvel

by Joseph
Colette Fidget Spinners

Colette Fidget Spinners

I’m a little bit too old to be fully aware of the whole fidget spinner trend, but a new line of fidget spinners from an unexpected place has definitely succeeded in catching my eye. Parisian retailer Colette has a whole bunch of fidget spinners available at their online store, and some of the Colette fidget spinners have designs inspired by Marvel Comics.

The two Colette fidget spinners in question are based on Iron Man’s armor and Captain America’s shield, but unfortunately both of them appear to be out of stock as of this writing (nor do they seem to be officially licensed Marvel products, or if they are, they’re not being advertised as such). Luckily, they’re joined by a whole mess of other fidget spinners, albeit not of the superheroic variety.

You can check out the entire line of Colette fidget spinners at the Paris retailer’s online store right here.

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