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Coil: Iced Coffee Brewed At Home Without Ice

by Joseph


Everyone likes iced coffee, but it comes with some inherent vices that can bring that love down a couple notches. The main one is the whole “ice is frozen water” thing, which has a tendency to result in watered-down coffee. But now there’s Coil, a device that can chill any coffee in four minutes or less, all without a drop of water touching it and robbing it of its flavor.

Coil works by passing the coffee through copper tubing that can suck the heat out without draining flavor out of the coffee. More precisely, according to the makers of Coil, the device can cool down a hot coffee from 210 degrees to 48 degrees in the aforementioned four minutes, all without any ice involved.

Coil has almost reached its fundraising goal over on its Kickstarter page here, but you still have 24 more days as of this writing to grab one there for just under $200.


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