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Cocoon Tree: “The Modern Version of a Cabin in a Tree” (Photos)

by Joseph
Cocoon Tree

Not since Johnny Weissmuller and Maureen O’Sullivan made a domestic paradise in their African escarpment has living in a tree seemed as appealing as it does now, with the unveiling of the Cocoon Tree, purported by its makers as “the modern version of a cabin in a tree.”

The spacious yet lightweight (under 150 pounds) structure is designed to fit in almost any sizable enough tree, and comfortably sleeps two adults on its included mattress. And up to 12 interchangeable suspension points mean that the Cocoon Tree can be adjusted to fit in numerous leafy environments.

You can see how the Cocoon Tree, priced at eight grand and up, looks in some of those environments in a few photos in the gallery below. And for more information, head over to the official (and surprisingly elaborate) Cocoon site here. Then, just plant a tree in your backyard, wait 20 years, and voila – you’ve got a guesthouse.

Here’s the gallery:

Cocoon TreeCocoon TreeCocoon TreeCocoon Tree

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