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Coconut Ping Pong Paddle: A New Spin on a Classic

by Joseph


Ping pong (or table tennis, if you prefer) paddles have a very specific design that has lasted for generations with no signs of stopping — rounded grip, alternating blue-and-red (or black-and-red) padding on the parts that actually touch the ball. The Coconut is a 3-ply bamboo wood paddle that introduces a simple but potentially game-changing innovation to that longstanding design.

That would be the hole in the middle of the handle that lets you insert a finger (hold your jokes for after class, please) without any awkward overlap with the paddling area, and for a much steadier grip than allowed by the traditional table tennis grip.  For seasoned players, the Coconut may open up a whole new world of gameplay possibilities, and newcomers could also significantly benefit from the deceptive design adjustment.

The Coconut also boasts a significantly adjusted price tag over a typical ping pong paddle, going for $110 at the product’s official online store right here.

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