Home Entertainment ‘Coco’: Pixar’s Next Animated Feature Gets Teaser Trailer (Video)

‘Coco’: Pixar’s Next Animated Feature Gets Teaser Trailer (Video)

by Joseph


Pixar is still pretty beloved among movie lovers, even if its star isn’t as bright as it once was. That means every new Pixar movie is an event, and Coco, the studio’s latest, is no exception. And now, a teaser trailer for this particular event has made its way to the internet for the first time.

Coco is about a 12-year-old boy named Miguel with a dream to play music, but a curse prevents his family from doing so. In order to lift the curse, Miguel goes on a quest to the Land of the Dead to set things right. There are some wisecracks, some emotional lessons about the importance of family, a few catchphrases, and possibly a cute sidekick? These are guesses, I haven’t watched the trailer yet.

But that’s no reason for you not to.  The trailer for Coco can be viewed in full below, and the movie itself comes to theaters on November 22nd.


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