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Coca-Cola Zero Sugar: The New Replacement for Coke Zero

by Joseph
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar

Coke Zero has been the soft drink of choice for diet cola tolerators for a while now, but today Coke made the shocking announcement that it was discontinuing the beverage. Not to worry, though, since it’s being replaced by the new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar.

Coke brought about the change out of a desire to be as “clear and descriptive as possible” in informing consumers that the new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar contains, to be clear, zero sugar. Flavor-wise, it’s said to be closer to the flavor of the original, beloved Coke, but to be frank I will believe that when I taste it. The soda is getting a visual overhaul too, with packaging that is also closer to the original Coke, and featuring the red Coke disc in place of Coke Zero’s own distinctive black and red styling.

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is reportedly already available in 25 different worldwide markets, and will be launching in full sometime next month.

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