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Coca Cola Unveils London Olympics 2012 Cans by Turner Duckworth

by AnthonyP

Turner Duckworth Coca Cola Cans

The advertising and design agency Turner Duckworth has put together—or rather, designed—six limited edition Coca Cola cans to cheer on Team USA at the upcoming London 2012 Olympic Games.

The Coca Cola Olympic Games campaign consists of an eight pack of cans with eight different athletes graphically captured in action within their respective sports. The designs use patriotic stripes to convey movement and context for each sport.

According to Turner Duckworth, the cans will rotate throughout the Summer with a new one hitting the market every couple of weeks, eventually culminating with a can that features a composite logo in time for the opening of the Olympic Games.

Six different fridgepack versions will be launched in two phases, and designs will also be extended across larger can packs, bottle labels, and mini cans. The designs are expected to appear everywhere, ranging from in-store displays to TV spots.

The packaging will only appear in US markets, which makes sense, seeing as how every other country in the world probably wouldn’t be all that interested in supporting the US Olympic Team.

Source: DesignBoom

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