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Coca-Cola Frozen Coming to Japan

by Joseph
Coca-Cola Frozen

Coca-Cola Frozen

Japan continues to stay ahead of the western world in the realm of soft drinks. Today the internet is abuzz about just such a drink, called simply (and probably self-explanatorily) Coca-Cola Frozen.

North American readers are no-doubt familiar with the concept of a Frozen Coke. But the Japanese Coca-Cola Frozen is a unique variation on this idea, since it comes in a squeezable pouch that reportedly took eight years to develop successfully. Also, the only flavor available as of now seems to be “Lemon,” which to me seems like an unnecessary addition to the formula — but then again, I’m not a high-powered beverage executive in Japan.

Anyway, you can read up on Coca-Cola Frozen here, which will have to serve in lieu of being able to try one for yourself unless you’re going to be in Japan this summer. Stay tuned, hopefully, for news of a wider roll out for the drink soon.

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