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Coca-Cola Coffee Plus Released in Japan

by Joseph
Coca-Cola Coffee Plus

Coca-Cola Coffee Plus

I don’t know how many people out there are still drinking Coke for the caffeine, given how many other more heavily caffeinated beverage options are available out there. But Coke fans in Japan now have access to a drink with not only fifty percent more caffeine than a comparable serving of Coke, but fifty percent fewer calories: Coca-Cola Coffee Plus.

Coca-Cola Coffee Plus reportedly tastes more or less like Coke with a coffee aftertaste, and puzzlingly a completely different aroma all its own. As for a future release outside Japan, hope springs eternal, but pragmatists should keep in mind that there already was a coffee/Coke hybrid available in Europe and North America called Coca-Cola BlāK, so it isn’t as if this is a completely fresh and untested idea.

For now, you can read more about Coca-Cola Coffee Plus right here. And if you happen to be planning on being in Japan in the near future, keep your eyes open for it at a store near you.

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