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Coca-Cola Clear Debuts in Japan (Video)

by Joseph
Coca-Cola Clear

Coca-Cola Clear

It’s been a while since the nation of Japan gave us another reason to be envious of their food and beverage innovations. Now, everybody who misses that brief period when Crystal Pepsi was available in grocery stories has just such a reason, with the debut of Coca-Cola Clear

Coca-Cola Clear was reportedly conceived by Coke’s Japan arm, while the company’s US research/developers had to spend a year’s time getting it right. 50 different experimental formulations later, the right mixture of total transparency and hint-of-lemon flavor was finally struck, and Coca-Cola Clear was born. Check out a Japanese news report about/advertisement for the invisible beverage below:

I’m a broken record at this point, but there’s always a chance that something like this will take off big-time in Japan, and make its way to a wider release in North America, so keep your eyes sparkly and your heart clear, and perhaps you will soon have a Coke to match.

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