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CO2 Mini Beer Tap: “Force Carbonate Your Growler”

by Joseph
CO2 Mini Beer Tap

CO2 Mini Beer Tap

The race to finish a beer growler before it goes flat can be fun if you’re in a certain mood and if you have enough people to make it feasible, but it’s nice to have a backup option just in case. Now, you do, in the form of the CO2 Mini Beer Tap, which can actually re-carbonate your beer so you can seal it up and keep it fresh for next time.

The CO2 Mini Beer Tap uses a food-grade CO2 cartridge in the tap handle, and it has a regulator built in specifically for use with an included growler. In short, it’s an easy way to keep beer carbonated and fresh – or any other carbonated beverage you might want to use it with, for that matter.

Unlike most of the Kickstarters featured on this site, the CO2 Mini Beer Tap actually has a ways to go before it hits its fundraising goal here – so check it out if you want to keep your beer alive indefinitely. Pre-orders start at $89.

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