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Club W: A Personalized Wine Club

by Joseph
Club W

Club W

When you hear the name “Club W,” you might assume it’s some kind of community of the fans and supporters of former president George W. Bush. But actually it’s something a little more palatable to a mass audience – a wine buying club that’s personalized to your own specific vinous tastes.

Basically, you start by taking a short questionnaire made up of questions about your flavor preferences in areas that have nothing to do with wine – coffee, citrus, and other subjects – which is then collated into a “Palate Profile” which can be used to determine what wines you’re most likely to enjoy. Paying members have access to pretty cheap but high-quality (and personally recommended) wines that start at $13 per bottle.

Of course, to join up will cost you $39 a month, but if you’re looking to become a wine enthusiast it probably beats trying to navigate your local liquor store on your own. For more information, you can check out Club W right here.



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