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Cliffside Shop: Cocona Put a Pop-Up 300 Feet Up a Mountain (Video)

by Joseph
Cliffside Shop

Cliffside Shop

It sounds like a joke aimed at increasingly desperate, elaborate promotional gimmicks by retail and apparel brands, but the Cliffside Shop, accessible only by scaling 300 feet up the side of the Colorado’s Bastille Wall in Eldorado Canyon, is extremely real. And it’s the work of Cocona Natural Technologies in order to promote the company’s 37.5 fabric.

37.5 technology is so named for the fabric’s ability to maintain climber’s body temperature at 37.5°C, considered ideal in that high altitude sport. adidas, Point6, and Rab are among the brands to incorporate 37.5 fabric in their suitable products, and it’s these brands which are available at the Cliffside Shop – while supplies last.

If you’re not brave enough to climb a mountain to buy some mountain climbing gear, it’s a cinch that the Cocona Cliffside Shop is not for you. But you still may be interested in checking the popup in the video below, as well as at Cocona’s official site for 37.5 fabric right here.

Here’s the video:

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