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Cleartones: A New Approach to Ringtones

by Joseph


Ringtones have been around for decades now, but they still leave a lot to be desired as far as their primary function. Most of them are still pretty irritating, to others if not to the person who programmed it on their phone, and most people just stick with their phone’s default ringtones which leads to ringtone confusion in crowded spaces. But you can contribute to the eventual extinction of these annoyances with Cleartones, billed as “elegant, hand made minimalist ringtones and notification sounds for the serious user.”

How serious? Cleartones start at $10 per set of 50, and that doesn’t include notifications, which come with their own identical price. But that might be worth it if you’re looking for phone sounds that are more gentle, soothing, and audio-pollution-neutral than anything else out there. And there are three styles of tones currently available: Classic, Organic, and Pure.

You can get more information on Cleartones, including previewing some of their wares, at the product’s official site here. If you buy some, they sound so pleasant and peaceful, you’ll be sitting around wishing for more phone calls and texts in no time.

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