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Clear: Clean Up Your Social Media History

by Joseph


You might know Ethan Czahor as the guy who had to resign from his job with the Jeb Bush campaign after a bunch of offensive tweets he made years ago surfaced. But he appears to have turned that experience into a positive, dovetailing it into the development of Clear, an app that can reach into your social media history and flag any potentially offensive content for deletion at your discretion.

Clear doesn’t just use a simple word search to detect potentially offensive posts, instead implementing multiple algorithms to find the tweets or Facebook posts most likely to embarrass you in an important professional situation. Even if you don’t have a penchant for offensive humor online, the peace of mind offered by such a service is sure to be invaluable.

Czahor describes Clear as a “work in progress,” but you can get a lot more information on the app and how it works over at Mashable here. And please, remember to watch your language.

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