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‘Civilian Drone Strike’: New Banksy Piece Will Have Starting Bid of $13

by Joseph
Civilian Drone Strike

Civilian Drone Strike

Most people in my circle seem to think that street artist and mystery man Banksy has more or less jumped the shark. Maybe that’s true, but the organizers of the this year’s Art the Arms Fair later this week in London don’t agree, because they’ve signed a piece by the artist that will have a starting bid of just $13 – Civilian Drone Strike.

Civilian Drone Strike fits comfortably within the Art the Arms Fair wheelhouse, as it’s an annual event activists in London to protest arms sales through counter-programming against the the Defense & Security Equipment International going on at the same time. It’s a child-like drawing of a girl watching her house blown up by bombing drones, also depicted outside the frame of the drawing as seen above.

See more from the Art the Arms Fair, kicking off this week on Friday, at the event’s official site here. And even though Civilian Drone Strike‘s opening bid is set at $13, there’s no telling how high the bidding will get, so stay tuned.

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