Home Entertainment ‘Citadel’: Massive K’NEX Ball Machine Unveiled (Video)

‘Citadel’: Massive K’NEX Ball Machine Unveiled (Video)

by Joseph


Sight unseen, I would probably assume that naming something you made out of K’NEX, “Citadel,” was a little bit pretentious. But now that I’ve watched the 15-minute showcase for this massive K’NEX structure, I actually think the title could stand to be fancied up a little – Crystal K’Nex Palace, maybe, or Dr. Manhattan’s K’NEX Stronghold.

Citadel is a massive structure with 17 different complicated paths for balls to run through. It’s made entirely out of K’NEX, and is the result of more than three years of work by a YouTube user known as “Shadowman,” who specializes in making elaborate machines out of K’NEX—this, it’s safe to say, is his masterpiece.

You can see the completed Citadel in action in the video below.  It’s 15 minutes long, but it’s worth the time if you can spare it. And to see more of Shadowman’s K’NEX projects, head over to his YouTube channel right here.

Enter the Citadel:


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