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Cirrus Vision Jet: The Cheapest Private Jet Out There

by Joseph
Cirrus Vision Jet

Cirrus Vision Jet

The private jet is a universally recognized symbol of wealth and affluence, so much so that historically there’s never really been one made with affordability in mind. Affordability being a relative concept, an aircraft company called Cirrus Aircraft has developed what they describe as the first example of “a whole new category of aircraft,” called the Cirrus Vision Jet.

At just under $2 million, the Cirrus Vision Jet, described by Cirrus as a “personal jet” as opposed to the standard private jet terminology, is the end result of ten years of development by Cirrus Aircraft. It’s designed “to enhance your life, not consume it,” and Cirrus itself says you don’t need to be a full-time pilot in order to make use of it. I’m not sure how I feel about the skies being full of casual fliers jetting around from place to place, but I guess it’s no different than the stereotypical future visions of flying cars and jetpacks.

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