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Cinema Lightboxes: Give Your Home a Marquee

by Joseph
Cinema Lightboxes

Cinema Lightboxes

“LEFTOVERS TONIGHT. LIMITED ENGAGEMENT.” That’s an example of the kind of hilarious fun you can have in your very own home with Cinema Lightboxes, which let you display customized marquee-style sign messages at home (I think that might actually have too many characters, though, sorry).

Cinema Lightboxes are pretty self-explanatory, as you can see in the above photo. But you can use them however you wish—a daily bon mot to delight your family or roommate, important announcements delivered via an eye-catching, unmissable display, the daily menu, news updates, mental health status reports, whatever! And they all get an instantly respectable retro-marquee look that’s all but impossible to ignore.

You can get Cinema Lightboxes in one of two sizes, the smaller priced at just under $40 and the larger at just under $60, at the Cool Material Shop right here. If you’re planning on holding any emotionally-loaded screenings of Red River at your place, they’re pretty much essential.

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