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Cinder Speakers: Turn Cinder Blocks Into Speakers

by Joseph
Cinder Speakers

Cinder Speakers

“Say Bob, what’s with all the cinder blocks?” If this is a question you’re used to fielding whenever anyone comes over to your house, you can rest assured that you now have a plausible answer: “Oh, I’m just collecting them to make Cinder Speakers,” and no one has to know that you’ve been collecting cinder blocks for decades.

Cinder Speakers is a DIY project kit designed by Daniel Ballou, who struck upon the natural acoustic properties of concrete cinder blocks in formulating this idea. Users receive a pre-wired and pre-assembled pair of front and rear fascias that you install in your own cinder blocks, for speakers that are cheap, effective, and as sturdy as the cinder block you build them with.

Cinder Speakers is still in development as a consumer product, but on Ballou’s official site here he says he’s aiming for a $150 price point once it becomes a reality.

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