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Cinder: “The World’s First Countertop Precision Grill” (Video)

by Joseph


George Foreman must be getting old, because as far as I know he has not kicked the ass of the inventor of Cinder, billed as “the world’s first countertop precision grill,” a clear shot at Foreman’s own iconic countertop grilling appliance.

Far be it for me to start any conflict between George Foreman and whoever it is that’s responsible for the Cinder grill, but come on George, are you really gonna take this sitting down? This grill can cook your meats and veggies to within a tenth of a degree of your desired temperature, and can maintain that temperature until you’re ready to eat or serve. Naturally, it also syncs up with your smartphone, which is more than I can say for a grill named after a certain boxing legend.

Pricing and release details on Cinder are still to come, but you can stay tuned to the grill’s official site here for more, and see it in action in the video below.

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