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Chuck E. Cheese’s Rolls Out Nationwide Pizza Delivery

by Joseph
Chuck E. Cheese's

Chuck E. Cheese's

I hope this is a safe place for me to admit that I was way more of a Discovery Zone kid than a Chuck E. Cheese’s kid, and in point of fact I think I only visited one of Chuck’s pizza parlors once as a child. So it comes as a pretty big surprise that the rodent-helmed play-and-pizza palace has apparently been inundated with demands from hungry customers that they make their pizzas available to all without having to leave the house or drop money on tokens. As an exec with the brand put it in a press statement:

“We know families love our fresh, never frozen pizza as much as our games. After years of hearing from guests that we should offer a way for families to enjoy our delicious pizzas at home, we’re excited to make delivery a reality as part of several game-changing initiatives that we have planned this year.”

There you have it, folks, all you have to do is provide the terrifying robotic funny animal musicians and you’re all set. Check out Chuck E. Cheese’s official site here for info, and you might have time to make it happen for lunch today.

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