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‘Chuck’: 90-Year-Old Rock Legend Chuck Berry Announces Final Album

by Joseph
Chuck Berry

Chuck Berry

Rock and roll legend (or maybe that should read “rock and roll inventor”) Chuck Berry recently turned 90. Most 90-year-olds are lucky if they can get out of bed, but Berry evidently intends to go out with a bang. A bang called Chuck, which he announced on his birthday will be the name of his upcoming, and final, record.

Berry’s last studio album came out in 1979, so Chuck has certainly been a long time coming. In a statement to the press, he said that the album will be mostly new material, and that in addition to singing and playing the guitar he’ll be producing it as well. It will also be a family affair, with Berry’s kids on guitar and harmonica, and will be dedicated to his wife:

“This record is dedicated to my beloved Toddy. My darlin’ I’m growing old! I’ve worked on this record for a long time. Now I can hang up my shoes!”

Chuck will come out sometime next year. And you can read a little bit more about the project right here.

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