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Christian Louboutin Creates Timeless Rantus Orlato Sneaker

by AnthonyP

Christian Louboutin Ranturs Orlato

French designer Christian Louboutin is usually known for his loud visual style, pairing up with the likes of Ed Hardy and his ilk for the loudest, most bro-tastic designs that only people who watch MMA religiously would enjoy.

Today, Christian Louboutin has taken a subtle route with the release of a new, timeless looking sneaker called the Rantus Orlato, which I’d probably find myself wearing if I can spare the money and time to scope one out.

The high-top Rantus Orlato sneakers are designed with uber quality anthracite flannel, because it’s the only way you can appreciate a shoe like this.

At a price of $795, it may seem expensive, but it certainly isn’t unreasonable when you consider the fact that it is guaranteed to last long thanks to the durability of its material.

Source: Christian Louboutin

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