Home Entertainment ‘Chris Rock: Tambourine’ Netflix Date Announcement (Video)

‘Chris Rock: Tambourine’ Netflix Date Announcement (Video)

by Joseph
Chris Rock: Tambourine

Chris Rock: Tambourine

It’s been a good decade since Chris Rock’s last stand-up special, but his reputation as one of the greatest comics of all time has remained secure. How secure? So secure, in fact, that he can get away with releasing a teaser for his upcoming Netflix special that not only doesn’t contain any jokes, but doesn’t contain any footage of Rock at all. Instead, the date announcement trailer for Chris Rock: Tambourine features a bunch of disembodied tambourines, for some reason.

I don’t know exactly what role tambourines play in Chris Rock: Tambourine, but I do know it was directed by comedy star Bo Burnham and was filmed at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, so there may be a whole tambourine component to be revealed. As for Rock’s contribution, he’s covering “the gamut of contemporary issues, with incisive and insightful commentary on life.” The teaser, though, is just tambourines:

Luckily, we won’t have long to wait to see what the special is like, since Chris Rock: Tambourine comes to Netflix tomorrow, on Valentine’s Day.


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