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Chop Cutting Boards Hold Your Cutlery Too

by Joseph
Chop Cutting Boards

Chop Cutting Boards

Unless you’re in the habit of throwing your kitchen knives into your cutting board—pirate-ship style, so the blades embed in the surface of the board—you probably have a separate place for your knives. But why? With Chop Cutting Boards, you can always keep your cutlery right at hand where you do your cutting.

Chop Cutting Boards are actually two separate boards in one, and each one connects magnetically to a knife rack in the center. If you’re having trouble picturing how it all fits together, have no fear:

The Chop Cutting Board Stores Your Knives

As you can imagine, Chop Cutting Boards are a pretty comprehensive storage solution for both cutting boards and knives, fitting the whole thing (which acts as a drying rack to boot), in one compact package. You can order a Chop Cutting Board from the Cool Material Shop right here, where each one is currently priced at a nickel under $65. Knives, alas, are not included.

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