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Chocolate Pumpkin Fries Coming to McDonald’s Japan

by Joseph
McDonald's Chocolate Pumpkin Fries

McDonald's Chocolate Pumpkin Fries

Ah, autumn. The leaves change colors, the air begins to feel crisper, and the french fries come drizzled in chocolate and pumpkin sauce. Wait, huh? In Japan, anyway, that last part is becoming part of the autumnal experience, with the unveiling of McDonald’s Chocolate Pumpkin Fries.

McDonald’s Japan locations will reportedly see the limited-time availability of Chocolate Pumpkin Fries at the end of this month, after which customers can enjoy french fries drizzled in chocolate sauce and “orange pumpkin topping.” Whether or not that sounds good to you may depend on whether you’re the type of person who dips their fries in their shakes (and how much you like pumpkin flavor).

If you find yourself in Japan this fall sometime after September 28th, Chocolate Pumpkin Fries may provide you with a convenient excuse to visit a McDonald’s while you’re there. The rest of us will just have to hope this confection takes off enough for a wider release.

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