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Chocoladilla: Taco Bell Tests Kit Kat Quesadilla

by Joseph


As the ancient sacred prophecy foretold, Taco Bell has finally achieved the intersection of its quesadillas with Kit Kat candy bars for the fast food chain’s latest concoction/monstrosity, dubbed the Chocoladilla.

If you are now being cursed with visions of melted chocolate and melted cheese coagulating into some toxic glop and battling inside your stomach with wafer bars and refried beans, take heart: The Chocoladilla is simply a melted Kit Kat bar grilled inside a flour tortilla, then folded in the familiar quesadilla formation. For now, anyway – who knows what could happen to a menu item like this in between the testing and final product phase?

The Taco Bell Chocoladilla is reportedly being tested in Wisconsin, where apparently pretty much anything goes these days. Read up on the product here, and stay tuned to see if it or something like it will be introduced on a wider basis to the Taco Bell menu.

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