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Chill-Can: A Beer Can That Chills Itself (Video)

by Joseph


For decades Man has dreamed of a beer can that, somehow would be able to keep itself cold. The Chill-Can is a newly developed piece of technology that does that dream one better by purportedly chilling itself in about sixty seconds.

I’ll be honest, the Chill-Can’s website doesn’t really fill me with confidence that it’s legit, since it looks like some kind of crazy Hypercube nightmare. But maybe a stylish website wasn’t first on their list of priorities, and according to that website, the can works like this:

“In the self-chilling Chill-Can®, the beverage can has a built in Heat Exchange Unit (HEU) which contains the technology necessary to chill the drink in about a minute. Upon activation, the patented technology activates the environmentally safe reclaimed Co2 in the HEU that leads to the chilling of the beverage.”

You can also see how the Chill-Can works in the video below. And get more information on it right here.



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