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ChihHan Chao: Yo-Yo/Diabolo Wizard (Video)

by Joseph
ChihHan Cho

ChihHan Cho

You’d have to be beyond hope not to know what a yo-yo is, but are you familiar with the art of the diabolo? ChihHan Chao has mastered both, but its the latter that we’re concerned with here, as his latest collaboration with Kuma Films demonstrates why he’s the 2015 Red Bull PAO champion yo-yo-er.

I could try to explain what diabolos are for those not in the know, but you’d probably be better off just watching ChihHan Chao do his thing. Like Bruce Lee with nunchucks or Prince with a guitar, ChihHan has mastered the diabolos to a degree that they almost seem like an extension of his organic form.

So if you’ve got a couple minutes to spare, you should check out ChihHan Chao working his diabolo magic in the video below (FYI, it syncs up pretty well with “All My Life” by Run the Jewels). And you can keep an eye on other Kuma Films productions at their YouTube channel here.

Here’s the video:


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