Home Tech & Gear Chicago Skyline Cable Cars Coming to the Windy City (Video)

Chicago Skyline Cable Cars Coming to the Windy City (Video)

by Joseph
Chicago Skyline Cable Cars

Chicago Skyline Cable Cars

In case you thought the era of the cable car was at an end, the city of Chicago recently revealed plans to connect its downtown core with the tourist-heavy Navy Pier, river walk, and lakefront districts via a line of Chicago Skyline aerial cable cars.

The Chicago Skyline project is in its early stages, but it appears to have gotten the green light from the city. It was designed by architecture firms Davis Brody Bond and Marks Barfield with the city’s famous architecture in mind, as one of the selling points of the system is that it will allow riders to appreciate the city’s famous buildings without clogging traffic in a car.

You can see how the Chicago Skyline aerial cable car network will (hopefully) look by checking out the introductory video below. And for more on the project, read a story on it at the Chicago Tribune right here.

Here’s the video:

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