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Chevrolet FNR: Self-Driving Concept Car (Photos)

by Joseph
Chevrolet FNR

One of the more exciting concept cars to be unveiled at the recent Shanghai Auto Show was from Chevrolet, in observation of the company’s ten years in China. It’s the Chevrolet FNR, a very cool self-driving concept car that looks like something Samus Aran would drive. Or, ride in, I guess.

The Chevrolet FNR, in addition to its autonomous driving capabilities, boasts dragonfly doors, front seats that swivel 180 degrees, and spiffy features like retinal scan security. The hyper-futuristic visual design of the car is emphasized in the renderings from Chevy, which show it cruising along some kind of cybernetic highway, the likes of which still need to be invented in order to accommodate this car, should it ever actually see production.

You can see what I mean by checking out those renderings of the Chevrolet FNR autonomous concept car in the gallery below. And for more from Chevrolet, head over to the automaker’s official site right here.

Here’s the gallery:

Chevrolet FNRChevrolet FNRChevrolet FNRChevrolet FNRChevrolet FNR


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