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Cheeseburger Red Wine From Rootstock Cellars

by Joseph

Cheeseburger Red Wine

In today’s novelty-food-item-obsessed world, it’s easy to read the words “Cheeseburger Wine” and recoil in horror, imagining some terrible food laboratory’s attempt to capture the flavor of a cheeseburger within a bottle of wine.

Thankfully, Cheeseburger Red from Rootstock Cellars is simply a wine designed to complement a cheeseburger. They say it’s “smooth and jammy, bursting with red fruit that so perfectly complements a slight char. The tannins are assertive, but won’t knock you off your chair.” Sounds like a good beverage to be enjoyed with a tasty burger to me.

You can get a bottle of Cheeseburger Red here for $12.99.  Cheeseburger sold separately.

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