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Cheese Katsu Burger Comes to McDonald’s Japan (Video)

by Joseph
Cheese Katsu Burger

Cheese Katsu Burger

It’s been a minute since we’ve brought you any additional news from the wild world of Japanese fast food. But the new Cheese Katsu Burger is of interest even if you don’t care about what they do for fast food in Japan, since it represents a novel meld of Eastern and Western fast food traditions.

The Cheese Katsu Burger from McDonald’s Japan combines Japanese pork katsu with a variation that any red-blooded American can get behind: A shot of gooey yellow cheese right in the middle. If you’re not familiar with katsu, it’s essentially a deep-fried, breaded pork cutlet, so the cheese injection is really just icing on the cake.

Unfortunately, in order to sample that cake you’ll have to find yourself in a participating Japanese McDonald’s location, but you can vicariously enjoy the delicious-sounding (I mean that literally, just listen to that crunch) Cheese Katsu Burger by watching the short commercial for it below.


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