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Chatroulette First-Person Shooter (Video)

by Joseph
Chatroulette First-Person Shooter

Chatroulette First-Person Shooter

I don’t know (nor do I particularly want to know) what the average Chatroulette user expects to find when they log onto the site, but it’s a safe bet that it’s not a live-action first-person shooter that they verbally control in real time. Nevertheless, this Chatroulette first-person shooter was a reality that a few lucky users got to participate in, and now the results have been posted in a video online.

The Chatroulette first-person shooter is the product of Realm Pictures, and it provides a good picture of cooperation between strangers with the aim of achieving a shared goal – in this case, the killing of zombies. And I have to admit, it’s a little inspiring to see how quickly the people in the video seem to get into the swing of the game.

You can see the whole thing go down below. And for more from where this Chatroulette first-person shooter came from, check out Realm Pictures’ YouTube channel right here.

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