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Chanel Boomerang Costs $1,325

by Joseph
Chanel Boomerang

Chanel Boomerang

I hate to reveal my ignorance in public but I honestly have no idea what a typical boomerang costs. But I feel pretty safe in my assumption that the Indigenous Australian inventors of the boomerang never envisioned their work being sold as an upscale luxury from Chanel – and I can’t even imagine how they might react to the Chanel Boomerang and its $1,325 price tag.

The Chanel Boomerang is an obscenity based on its price tag alone, but Chanel is also in hot water for what many are calling cultural appropriation. The Guardian pointed out that at its reported original price point of $1,930, the Boomerang cost “nearly 10 percent of the average income of Indigenous Australians.” Chanel responded to the controversy like this:

“Chanel is extremely committed to respecting all cultures, and regrets that some may have felt offended.”

That regret does not extend to pulling the Chanel Boomerang off the brand’s online store here, where you can get it at its apparently discounted price of $1,325 while supplies last.

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