Home Entertainment “Champion”: 2016 NBA Finals Theme Song by The Roots (Audio)

“Champion”: 2016 NBA Finals Theme Song by The Roots (Audio)

by Joseph
Champion by The Roots

Champion by The Roots

The 2016 NBA Finals are upon us, with the first game slated for just over a week from now. Getting in on those pre-game jitters are The Roots, who have released the official theme song for this year’s finals, entitled “Champion.”

Not to be confused with the Kanye West track of the same name, “Champion” is pretty much the ultimate psych-up track, imploring listeners to “show [Black Thought] you a champion,” because “real champions move like champions, and real champions prove that they’re champions,” which is good advice whether or not you are currently competing for the NBA championship.

Anyway, if you’re going to be watching the Finals you’ll be hearing “Champion” by The Roots in bits and pieces on ESPN a lot next month, but you can listen to the whole thing in all its majesty below. And for more content from The Roots, take a look at the band’s official YouTube channel here.

Here’s the song:


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