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Champagne Gun: Blast Bursts of Bubbly Like a Gangster

by Joseph
Champagne Gun

Champagne Gun

One of the downsides of being extremely wealthy is you have to spend a lot of time wandering around decadent but ultimately empty (and possibly soul-decaying) parties, like Christian Bale in Knight of Cups. The Champagne Gun is a “party weapon” that offers a possible solution, with its promise of fun, champagne-firing action.

The Champagne Gun is engineered to work with any magnum-style bottle (the gun imagery continues apace), and to look like a classic 1930s Tommy Gun, similar to those wielded in the movies by Jimmy Cagney, Edward G. Robinson, Paul Muni, and even Dick Tracy. And it’s not just for show—it actually fires champagne from its nozzle, for hours of playful, extremely expensive fun.

Even apart from the cost of ammo, the Champagne Gun isn’t cheap, with a $459 price tag here, where the gun is available in rose gold, gold, and chrome varieties. If old-school rap videos make a comeback, expect to start seeing these in them soon.

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