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Cesarre Kara Grill (Video)

by Joseph
Cesarre Kara Grill (Photo via Uncrate)

Cesarre Kara Grill (Photo via Uncrate)

The Kara barbecue grill from Cesarre doesn’t look anything like the barbecue grills you’re used to. It rests on a pair of big circular structures that make it look more like a relic of the Kryptonian Phantom Zone than something you’d use at a summer barbecue, but its grilling credentials are legit too—it’s not just a wild-looking novelty.

Those grilling credentials include a fire box in stainless steel, an “electropolished” grille (also in stainless steel), and a powder-coated finish. But let’s not ignore how cool the Cesarre Kara grill looks, either. I mean, just look at the thing.

Since the photo above doesn’t really give you a good sense of scale, you can watch a video featuring the Cesarre Kara in action below. In addition to showing you how it works, it also gives you an idea of how big and visually striking it is.  And it better be, too, since it reportedly costs around $7,500. It’s only available in Europe as of now, but you can get some more info from Cesarre’s website here.

Here’s the video:


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