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50 Stylish Celebrity Yearbook Photos: Guys Edition

by Esteban

celebrity yearbook photos

Our culture is obsessed with celebrities. It has been for years. Of course, back in the day the obsession was born out the fact that the lives of these people seemed glamorous and idyllic. There were a handful of incredibly famous movie stars, and everyone wanted to be like them because it seemed they lived like the gods on Mount Olympus.

Today, not only has the very notion of “celebrity” been extended to almost anyone thanks to reality television, social media, and sex tapes, but we now know for a fact that these people are just as messed up (and often more so) than us. Strangely, this has only increased our appetite for celebrity gossip. Apparently the only thing better than fantasizing about the glamorous lives of big-shot hollywood movie stars is knowing that they are just like you and me—because that means it could happen to us!

Anyway, since we all like to be reminded that celebrities were once regular human beings just like everybody else, today we present you with this list of celebrity yearbook photos. We regular folk aren’t the only ones who had to endure puberty, high school, and bad haircuts. Celebrities went through it, too.

Well, everyone except Matthew McConaughey. Even back then that guy was pretty suave.


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