Home Entertainment “Celebrating Cinema”: Rolex Highlights Its Many Film Cameos (Video)

“Celebrating Cinema”: Rolex Highlights Its Many Film Cameos (Video)

by Joseph
Celebrating Cinema

Celebrating Cinema

Last night during the Academy Awards, Rolex spent a little advertising scratch highlighting the many Rolex watches that have appeared on film over the years. The name of the ad is “Celebrating Cinema,” and it features Rolexes being worn by various movie characters going back to the 1950s.

By some weird coincidence, Bill Paxton, who died unexpectedly over the weekend, is featured prominently in “Celebrating Cinema,” wearing a Rolex in the framing segment of Titanic. We begin, however, on Inspector Clouseau and his assistant Hercule, synchronizing their Rolex watches, and proceed from there. If you’re a movie lover, a watch lover, or both, it’s probably worth the 60 seconds (on the button, appropriately enough) that it takes to watch it.

You can do that below, where Rolex’s “Celebrating Cinema” is ready and waiting for you to celebrate cinema, and Rolex. And head here for more on the longstanding relationship between movies and Rolex.

Here’s the video:


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